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Complaint review policy, procedure and form

In accordance with its obligations, Pro Spect insurance has adopted a complait review policy.


The Policy's purpose is to ensure that any complaint filed by a dissatisfied consumer is dealt with fairly and at no cost.

At Pro Spect insurance, we believe that client complaints are important and that our duty is to deal with any expressed dissatisfaction promptly and courteously.


If you are dissatisfied with a decision or the way in which your file was handled, you may proceed as follows:

Initial contact :

If you are dissatisfied with a Company practice or a decision regarding you, you must contact :

  1. the employee or the department that helped you. You should be able to find the contact information on your documents;
  2. the Company's Customer Service department, at the following telephone numbers:

    450-650-2151 #101
    Laval: 450-781-4404 #101
    Quebec: 418-654-0646 #101
    Other areas: 1 877 327-5557 #101

Before contacting us :

  1. have all your documents on hand so you can refer to them easily;
  2. determine why you are dissatisfied, the questions you wish to ask, the arguments you wish to make, and the desired solution (if you are seeking financial compensation, you should say so);
  3. decide how you will contact us: if you call the employee who served you, it is best to call ahead in order to set up a telephone appointment, so he or she can locate your file and give you the necessary time;
  4. if you write the Company, attach photocopies rather than the original versions of your documents;

During the conversation :

  1. have all your documents on hand so you can refer to them easily;
  2. determine why you are dissatisfied, the questions you wish to ask, the arguments you wish to make, and the desired solution (if you are seeking financial compensation, you should say so);
  3. give the person you are speaking with time to respond to your dissatisfaction; if you are not satisfied with that person's response, the employee must tell you how to take your complaint further; if he or she does not do so, demand the information.

Complaints officer

If, after the steps described above, you have still not received a satisfactory response at the operational level, you may file a formal complaint with the Complaints Officer. She will handle your complaint with impartiality.

Below is the contact information for Humania's Complaints Officer:

Me Adrien Legault
Chief Compliance Officer
Pro Vie insurances
1205, rue Ampère Bur. : 201
Boucherville (Québec) J4B 7M6
Telephone: 1 877 327-5557
450-650-2151, #131

Filing a formal complaint

A complaint must express at least one of the three following elemets, which persists despite beinf addressed at the relevant operational level in order to be considered a complaint within the meaning of the policy :

  1. a reproach made to the Company;
  2. the identification of potential or actual harm to an insured;
  3. a request for corrective measures.

Please note that an initial expression of dissatisfaction, whether in writing or not, does not constitute a complaint. Nor is an informal step taken to correct a specific problem a complaint, to the extent that the problem in question is dealt with in the process of regular operations. Does not qualify as a complaint for the present policy, a complaint directed toward a person or an entity that have the obligation to review such complaint themselves. However, rest assured that Pro Spect insurance will provide its entire collaboration in such procedure.

Your complaint must be made in writing, and "Complaint" must be written at the top of your letter; alternatively, you may use the downloadable complaint form (see link at the bottom for this page).

Provide your contact information (address and telephone numbers) and describe the reason for your complaint, the steps you have taken, and the response you received.

Explain your arguments and identify the solution you are seeking.

Receipt of formal complaint

Upon receiving a client's formal complaint, the file is remitted to the Complaints Officer.

  1. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the client within five (5) days following receipt of a written complaint.
  2. The response to the complaitn will indicate :
    1. the outcome of the impartial review of your complaint;
    2. a notice indicating the alternative dispute resolution mechanism available to you if you are still dissatisfied with the complaintreview process or its outcome;
    3. the procedure for requesting that your file be transferred to regulatory authorities.

Complaint review

The Complaints Officer will ensure that the Company's decision and the bases for it are communicated to you in writing.

If an offer is made to you, the offer must be clearly expressed in the letter, along with the time limit for accepting or refusing the offer. Otherwise, you will be deemed to have refused the offer and it will be withdrawn permanently.

Complaint transfer

If you are still dissatisfied with the process or your answer, you can ask our Complaints Officer to send a copy of your file to:

  • in Québec to the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).
  • Elsewhere in Canada to the OmbudSErvice for Life & Health Insurance (OLHI),

The client may exercise this right only upon expiry of the period identified for obtaining a final answer, not to exceed a period of one year from the date that answer is received.

Registry creation and maintenance

A complaint registry has been created for the purposes of applying the Policy. The Complaints Officer records and updates the information concerning complaints that meet the definition of that word.

Official report

The Complaints Officer files a quarterly complaints report to the regulatory authorities.

Effective date:
This Policy was revised on May, 2014.

Download complaint form

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